Dehydrator Beef Jerky

   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1      cup           Soy sauce
    4      ounces        Mesquite smoke -- (hickory works well
                         -- also)
      1/4  cup           Water
      1/4  cup           Cayenne pepper
    2      lb            beef roast

 Go to the butcher and have them slice a 2 or 3 lb rump roast into slices as
 thin as bacon (It sometimes takes a while to convince them that you really want
 it as thin as bacon) put soy sauce and mesquite smoke in a gallon size zip
 bag.  If the smoke came in a 4 oz bottle, use the water to rinse the bottle,
 pour water into bag.  Add pepper.  Close bag and let sit for a couple of
 hours.  Trim all fat from the beef.  Add beef to the mixture.  Let sit for 5
 or 10 minutes  Remove beef from bag  one or two at a time, and lay on trays 
 from dehydrator.  Put trays in dehydrater, opening vents to about half.

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