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Brand Spotlight: The Grub Company

Company Overview

It’s a tale as old as time — man travels to South Africa, gets a taste of biltong, returns to America, can’t find biltong anywhere and decides to make his own. 

Ta-da! The Grub Company comes to life.

OK, maybe it’s kind of unconventional. But the core message remains: a passion for and dedication to exquisite flavor and texture.

So, what does The Grub Company do? 

The fine folks at The Grub Company make small-batch biltong with the best kosher beef and sustainably sourced spices. When you nosh on their biltong, there’s no BS (and no filler). And they know what makes a jerky great while respecting biltong’s South African origins. 

Why We Love The Grub Company

Besides the knee-weakening biltong — that goes without saying — we love The Grub Company’s commitment to sustainability. They’re frank about what goes into their biltong, and they guarantee you’ll be happy (ecstatic, actually) with what you get from them. 

They even tell you their specific spice mixtures — no secrets here, folks. Plus, you have no worries about dairy, soy, nuts, eggs, fish, chemicals or other icky additives.


The Grub Company
Look at that gorgeous simplicity.

And they have a wicked-savvy sense of humor. That’s such a plus.

Our Favorite Grub Company Products

When you’re ready to sink your teeth into the pure, meaty goodness that is biltong beef jerky, check out The Grub Company’s biltong in any flavor that piques your interest. 

We’re big-time fans of sliced biltong in original — vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper and coriander? Yes, please! 

…But then again, we really dig The Grub Company’s sliced biltong in peri peri. It’s got a touch of heat (red pepper) and a touch of sweet (brown sugar).

It’s difficult to decide, OK? (And we’re drooling a bit at the thought.) Whichever flavor and cut you pick, you’ll never look at Western beef jerky the same way again. 


The Grub Company
It's just a fact, folks.

Find Grub Company Biltong at

Scope The Grub Company’s stuff — fortunately for us all, their biltong is praiseworthy no matter the continent you’re on.

You can even use it for compare-and-contrast purposes. Just chalk it up to science (“Biltong vs. North American Beef Jerky: A Study in Flavor, Cut and Texture”).

We’d love for you to explore the jerky universe with us! 

Commencing countdown, engines on.

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