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    Easy Beef Jerky Recipes to Make Your Own at Home

    By: :Roger Janik 0 comments
    Easy Beef Jerky Recipes to Make Your Own at Home

    Jerky is overwhelmingly tasty and always in demand. All the jerky lovers are always ready to enjoy the taste of their favorite snack. Undoubtedly, Beef Jerky makes a fantastic snack full of protein, but all its flavor and taste depend on beef jerky recipes. To add soul to your recipes, you need to follow these easy steps including the best meat cuts, high-end ingredients and the right cooking approach. Here’s how you can do it.

    Initial Meat Preparation

    Jerky can be made from ground beef or whole meat. After selecting the meat, it is then treated to remove bones, connective tissues and fat using various methods. Following this, for the jerky you buy in stores, processes are carried out to remove foreign bodies, unwanted materials and any metals via magnets. Many plants utilize x-rays to examine the purity and cleanliness of the meat. But when you are doing it at home, you can utilize regular methods to prepare and clean meat. 

    Select the Right Cut of Meat: To have a delicious outcome, you have to begin cooking with a unique ingredient. However, picking the right cut of meat is such an arduous task that even professionals get confused about how to make the best, most delicious jerky.

    Meat Processing and Curing

    The meat can either be frozen or cut into pieces and then kept to marinate.

    Freeze and Slice: Freeze the beef meat cut for 2-3 hours in freezer for better slicing into strips. This will help you cut thin slices, which are best for your recipe.

    Marinate: Now it’s time to marinate beef slices with the right ingredients to give awesome flavor. Add soy sauce and required herbs and spices and let the beef sit for marinade for 1 hour.

    Rack it: Lay the beef marinated slices across the rack to get the best baking results. This will help to dry jerky faster.

    Bake Slow: Have patience in baking jerky as you have to keep it in the oven at 175 degrees Fahrenheit for about 3-4 hours. Bake it until it loses water and becomes completely dry. 

    Checking and Packaging

    Beef jerky is always packed in vacuum-sealed bags to preserve freshness.

    Check it: Move to the final step; check your beef jerky. Don’t forget the drier it is, the more it can be preserved.  

    There are beef jerky recipes that are down to science. But no single recipe is the same as any other, all have different, unique and mesmerizing tastes that can let you flow in the spices and flavors. 

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