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    Cowboy Campfire Beef Jerky [ 3oz bag ]


    Popping black pepper flavor meets mild hickory smokehouse flavor in a tantalizing tango of tastes that you'll be over-the-moon for. Take it camping or pack some away for a long day on the range. Either way, you'll lasso yourself a delicious snack. Our fresh, handcrafted beef jerky is made with the finest meats and the most potent spices to bring...

    Jalapeño Garlic Beef Jerky [ 3oz bag ]


    Want strong flavor? Get ready to hit the jalapeno high striker. You'll get a garlic zing and a fiery heat that will knock you out in the best possible way. Your tastebuds will be throwing a carnival while you do the snack attack happy dance. Each piece of jerky is handmade from the finest beef and spices we could find....

    Cracked Black Pepper Beef Jerky [ 3oz bag ]


    A blast of cracked pepper flavor creates the spicy beef jerky you've been craving. This is the flavor that has been to space no less than three times. If the International Space Station astronauts won't leave home without it, you shouldn't either. You're about to enjoy fresh, handcrafted beef jerky that's made with the finest cuts of beef and the...