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Where to Buy Beef Jerky

More than 100 million people in the U.S. enjoy snacking on beef jerky.

But where to buy beef jerky can elude its aficionados because there are so many options. You might wonder where to buy beef jerky in bulk to make sure you have a steady supply. 

You might find yourself asking, “Where can I get beef jerky cheap?” or “Where can I buy beef jerky online?” Well, look no further. You can choose from some excellent beef jerky vendors — both on the web and in person.

Plus, check out the information below for answers to questions like, “Can you buy beef jerky with food stamps?” and “Can I buy beef jerky with EBT?”

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Where to Get Beef Jerky

You can buy beef jerky in-store and online from many retailers. Big-box stores like Target and Walmart carry a variety of brands and flavors. Chain stores can often sell beef jerky at low prices, so they’re worth checking out when you’re looking for your next quick jerky fix.

However, small retailers may sell excellent beef jerky, too. You'll almost always find some brand of jerky in corner stores. The snack is so popular that retailers don’t want to miss out on profit by not selling it, so it’s widely available. 

Keep in mind that you’ll probably pay more at smaller stores, but the jerky’s quality is usually way better — particularly at specialty stores.

More and more people are choosing to buy beef jerky from online retailers. Of course, we recommend checking out We stock an astounding array of flavors, so you have multiple (ridiculously delicious) choices.

From the traditional to the experimental, our range of flavors appeals to all beef jerky lovers. You’re sure to find something you love. 

Where to Buy Beef Jerky in Bulk

Online retailers can be excellent places to buy beef jerky in bulk. Beef jerky has a long shelf life, with some brands lasting up to one year when stored properly. So buying in bulk is a smart option for anyone who adores beef jerky.

Your local butcher may be another source of bulk beef jerky. Not all butchers offer beef jerky in bulk, but some will. And if you make a special request, some might order it for you. 

Plus, butchers know their meat. You can likely count on them to get you the best jerky around. 

Where Can I Get Beef Jerky Cheap?

Thankfully, beef jerky isn’t an overly expensive product to buy at the best of times. That said, you can always find a cheaper version of any product, even the less expensive ones.

Shopping around for beef jerky can help you find it for great prices. Regularly check online stores and standard grocery chains to get the best deals. 

Of course, make sure you get the best-quality beef jerky you can when buying it for cheap. You don't want to compromise on the smoky taste or delicious texture simply to save a buck or two. 

Can I Buy Beef Jerky With EBT or Food Stamps?

The U.S. federal government made beef jerky a product that people can buy with food stamps or EBT in 2019. Naturally, jerky lovers everywhere welcomed the move.

Legislators made the decision to allow for greater choice for those using EBT and food stamps.

Allowing more people to purchase a broader range of foods betters the economy, so the ability to buy beef jerky with EBT and food stamps doesn’t just benefit all you jerky fanatics.

You can buy beef jerky using food stamps and EBT at any store that accepts them. And you can take your chosen jerky to the cash register with confidence.

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Where Can I Buy Beef Jerky Online?

Online stores are increasingly stocking up on beef jerky. They’re certainly getting the orders, so you should be able to find it on most major retailers’ websites.

Always check out the beef jerky offers that you find online. Stores might mark jerky at half price or offer a buy-one, get-one-free option. Shopping around online is the best way to make sure you get the most jerky for your money.

Even massive online stores like Amazon usually carry beef jerky. However, you might feel more comfortable buying food products directly from an online grocery store. Don’t forget to read reviews — you don’t want to get a great price but a terrible product.

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