Astronaut Jerky?

Beef Jerky on International Space Station with Earth visible out the big window. Carried to ISS aboard STS-118, Endevour Space Shuttle flight.

Caption: Beef Jerky on International Space Station with Earth visible out the big window
Mission: Carried to ISS aboard STS-118, Endevour Space Shuttle flight 
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Having something out of this world is rare. Unless you're holding on to a pack of Final Frontier Jerky from

Beef jerky is an All-American snack eaten by people everywhere, but not just in America, or even on this planet. is the first jerky company to send their product into space not once, but three times. delivers what you've been searching for with gourmet jerky flavors ranging from Honey Teriyaki to BBQ Whiskey. And even though it has been to outer space and back, you don’t have to search very far for it. Every flavor of product can be delivered to you wherever you are, including Final Frontier Black Pepper: The Astronaut Jerky! 

1996 marked the first outer space voyage of Final Frontier Jerky, the flavor selected by NASA. STS-79 Atlantis was packed with 50 one-ounce packages of Final Frontier Jerky, and on September 16, 1996, the ship launched from the Kennedy Space Center towards Russia’s Mir Space Station. Not only did the jerky survive the journey, but it was delightfully consumed by all crew aboard. The quality of the jerky kept them full and the flavor reminded them of home.

In 2001, the Progress M1-255 freighter safely docked at the International Space Station. Aboard this spacecraft was a specifically requested 2-3 ounce package of Final Frontier Jerky. This mission was an important mark for and Final Frontier Jerky, the preferred flavor of astronauts. Not only was it the first package sent to the ISS, but also the first time the jerky was a “special request” from an astronaut in orbit.

Just like that, the crew was able to enjoy some on their mission! With this second launch into space, hoped to continue the Final Frontier Jerky space program.

Not long after the delivery via freighter to the International Space Station, Final Frontier Jerky made its way into space once more. This time in the pocket of Mark Shuttleworth as he made his way from Russia to the International Space Station. After taste testing the product, Shuttleworth said that he would try anything and everything to get Final Frontier Jerky onboard because it was that delicious. After successfully smuggling the jerky onto the spacecraft, he and his crew were able to enjoy the Black Pepper flavor from hundreds of miles above Earth’s surface.

By 2009, all four of’s flavors had made it into space. Twice the jerky made its way back to the International Space Station. In 2009, crew on the Atlantis space shuttle specifically requested that’s product be aboard while they journeyed back to the ISS. They didn’t think they could live off of Earth without it!’s products are consumer tested, astronaut approved! Not only do astronauts love the great taste of Final Frontier Jerky and all our other flavors, but the bites are easy to pull apart and leave no mess behind. Instead of having to deal with busy meal prep, these quick and easy to open packages make for a meal started and finished in minutes.

Astronaut jerky has been so successful in space because it is able to withstand the long trip with ease and remain fresh and tasty. So if the jerky stays fresh on a mission to space, it is guaranteed to be fresh when delivered to your home.  Astronauts choose, and so should you!