Carnivore Club, the Charcuterie Subscription Box You'll Never Want to Cancel

Carnivore Club, the Charcuterie Subscription Box You'll Never Want to Cancel

You know, the Jerky Universe is magical. It covers practically every taste and inclination — do you love jerky flavors but don’t eat meat? We’ve got you.

But when you really and truly love the “meat” part of the jerky galaxy, Carnivore Club is your North Star.

We couldn’t agree more, Lane B.

Company Overview

When it comes to meats (and that’s definitely “meats,” plural), the folks at Carnivore Club are apex predators, alpha hunters and pioneers. 

They chose their company name for a concrete reason: They’re passionate about the subject.

Our friends at Carnivore Club specialize in fine artisan meat samplers, subscription boxes and gifts. You can unpack everything from beloved beef jerky to handcrafted salami to specialty biltong

We can hear dads (and moms — we don’t discriminate) across the globe celebrating already.

You can even share with your friends … if you leave anything in the aftermath. That said, make sure to shoo away your pets — they’ll have to wait for pet-specialty meat treats (sorry, friends). 

We’re truly sorry, Fifi. 

Why We Love Carnivore Club

Quick question: Do you struggle to say “charcuterie”? We think of “cutie,” but Carnivore Club has an equally valid idea: “shark coochie.”

Besides that saucy sense of humor (mmm … sauce), they’ve got stunning, staggering variety in what they offer. 

Let’s rattle off a quick list: jerkies, meat sticks, salamis, pepperonis, wild game meats (that’s right — they go way beyond beef), charcuterie goodies… 

And that’s just scratching the surface. Your tongue won’t get bored anytime soon. In fact, your biggest crisis will be devouring the box before the next one hits your doorstep.

So, they’ve got humor, a genuine love for meat, crazy arrays of options and custom selections (like keto-friendly, kosher and gluten-free). Everything you snag will be of the highest quality.

You know, we’d have a more difficult time telling you anything we dislike. 

Don’t believe us? Check out Carnivore Club’s socials and get truly ravenous:

They’re on top of the social media game. And you can snag exclusive discounts!

See? They clearly attended meme school.

Our Favorite Carnivore Club Products

With such variety, it’s difficult to say. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Well, actually it’s not too difficult. 

The Carnivore Club jerky crate — that’s right, an entire crate — has to be our weakness. With six bags of jerky in assorted flavors, you simply grab a sack, rip it open and eat. Maybe you want to sample top-notch jerky at 3 a.m. (we won’t judge).

Make sure to keep the cool wooden crate. You know you’ll have to refill it when you stare sadly at the last silica pack

But then again, you can opt for the kosher meat sampler, gluten-free meat sampler or exotic jerky bouquet. 

And that bouquet, dear friends, is pure romance. 

Is this divine symmetry?

Shop Carnivore Club

Well, our stomachs are growling now — what about yours?

You can grab Carnivore Club goodies right here in the Jerky Marketplace. You’ll definitely find something that awakens your primal side. 


Featured image via Carnivore Club

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