Collection: Moku Foods

Our friends at Moku Foods make sustainable, delectable jerky from … wait for it … king oyster mushrooms (aka king trumpet mushrooms). We don’t know about you, but any mushroom with a name like that is worth tasting. Plus, these muscled-up mushrooms are full of fiber, protein and goodies like potassium and niacin. 

And in addition to the rad name, king oyster mushrooms are one of the least resource-intensive foods on the globe. Just add a little sunlight and a little humidity to spores, and you’ve got badass mushrooms. But enough of the ingredients — let’s get to the jerky! 

The folks at Moku (“division” in Hawaiian) adore beef jerky — but not its impact on the planet. After all, it takes an awful lot of land, resources and energy to raise beef on a big scale. So they decided to do something about it. They broke away from the standard. Then, they started experimenting with mushroom jerky — and hit on something truly special. 

It’s meaty, umami and healthy. It’s really everything you want in a jerky (beef or not). Using allergen-free ingredients, simple maple syrup and TLC, they keep crafting classics.  So whether you’re a die-hard carnivore or a dedicated vegan, you’ll find a bag that makes you (and the Earth) smile.

Check out Moku’s mushroom jerkies in savory to sweet flavors below.