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Our 5th Beef Jerky Space Flight!

On 16 Nov 09,'s premium select products launched from Kennedy Space Center aboard the Atlantis Space Shuttle.

The crew of STS-129 originally selected our Final Frontier brand beef jerky, but a few days later reconsidered and chose all six of our excellent beef jerky flavors for their adventure to orbit.

NASA said in a statement: "The STS-129 mission focused on storing spare hardware on the exterior of the space station. The flight included three spacewalks that installed two platforms on the station's truss, or backbone. The platforms hold spare parts to sustain station operations after the shuttle fleet is retired." welcomed the news about this 5th opportunity to fly our beef jerky to Space.

Beef Jerky Space Flight!

February 2008:

Taking beef jerky sales to the stratosphere. If Gregory Nemitz tells you his beef jerky is out of this world, believe him. His jerky has traveled to space stations five times for astronauts who crave the stuff.

February 2008: Rainy Day Magazine

The upshot is while not for the faint of heart Ring of Fire Beef Jerky has not only the heat but the requisite flavor to carry it off. Available at, Ring of Fire beef jerky appears to be the perfect antidote for a cold winter’s night.

November 2007: Rainy Day Magazine

It is no secret that we/some of us at RainyDayMagazine love fresh beef jerky. There is something about the flavor, texture, and convenience of a tasty piece of jerky. As any connoisseur of beef jerky will tell you, they are not all created equal. The best we have ever tasted is definitely from

August 2007: Times-News

The Final Frontier: Twin Falls beef jerky company sends products into space on shuttle.

March 2007: YouTube - and Fishing

See The Dodger explain why he takes Final Frontier Jerky with him on fishing trips.