Looking for Healthy Beef Jerky? Try JustMeat

Looking for Healthy Beef Jerky? Try JustMeat

Let’s take a look at another one of our featured brands here at the Jerky Universe! This one goes out to the purists.

Company Overview

You know, frustration often leads to innovation.

The folks at JustMeat were sick of seeing sugar in store-bought beef jerky. When you order a fine steak, it doesn’t come with a side of vanilla frosting (yeah, we grossed ourselves out, too). 

Why should top-notch beef jerky be any different?

So they rolled up their sleeves, grabbed the choicest beef, found the ideal spices and started experimenting. And their handcrafted results are some of the most mouthwatering jerky flavors on the planet.

They’re not kidding — it’s their mission to kill filler stuff.

Why We Love JustMeat

What’s not to adore? Skirting sugar in just about any food is tricky, and keto-friendly goodies are often hard to come by. Just knowing you’re eating sugar-free beef jerky is awesome!

But JustMeat goes above and beyond. 

Their jerky’s both decadent and healthy — not a simple feat. With high protein (18 grams per ounce) and low calories (90 in original flavor), it makes your body as happy as your taste buds. 

So, let’s see … sugar-free, keto-friendly, protein-packed, free of artificial preservatives, incredibly flavorful. JustMeat jerky checks the best boxes.

But you know what really sets our friends at JustMeat apart — what makes them extra special? 

They genuinely care about people. No talk about “consumers” here: People are people, and JustMeat treats the folks who eat their jerky like friends and family.

We think that’s rare in any business, so it’s a real delight to watch them work. Their Instagram and Facebook posts speak for themselves!

As if their jaw-dropping spice list wasn’t impressive enough!

Our Favorite JustMeat Products

With grass-fed, unprocessed, keto-friendly, fully organic beef, JustMeat jerky is delicious in any flavor

That said, we think their naked beef jerky (oh, my!) is a great place to start. They make it with steak cuts and sea salt — period. If you have food allergies, it’s a staple snack!

From there, you can indulge in original, black pepper and more. Frankly, JustMeat’s original flavor is flat-out scrumptious — the spice blend’s unbeatable, and the texture’s so toothsome.

And of course, you’ll find no sugar in any form: That’s a guarantee.

Shop JustMeat Jerky

Hmm, portable steak sounds like a million-dollar idea. It’s just what the Jerky Universe needs.

Oh, wait — you can find it via JustMeat at our Jerky Marketplace! Find your happy, healthy spot and skip the sweets. (You can thank us later.)

Featured image via JustMeat

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