Moku Foods: Our Go-To Mushroom Meat Substitute

Moku Foods: Our Go-To Mushroom Meat Substitute

The Jerky Universe is huge … and that means it’s got tons of space for non-beef jerkies.

Company Overview

The folks at Moku Foods are determined to stand apart. 

Even their name — “division” in Hawaiian (technically “land division”) — speaks to their stance. They make the planet healthier and our go-to snack tastier.

And how do they do it? By crafting yummy mushroom jerky. We can’t think of a more ingenious approach!

Although beef jerky is here to stay, it’s no secret that some folks want a more animal- and Earth-friendly option. So Moku stands apart by cutting the meat and embracing the planet. 

And wow, their king oyster mushroom jerky knocks your socks off! If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were eating meat — but you can feel great knowing you’re not. 

Pure, simple and tasty — just our style.

Why We Love Moku Foods

We’ve got tons of reasons to admire our friends at Moku. 

There’s the savory jerky. There’s Moku’s love for and dedication to the Earth. And there’s that passionate commitment to preserving Hawaii’s breathtaking beauty.

But you know what else stands out? Their smarts.

They know most folks are going to hear “mushroom jerky” and say, “Pffth, whatever. Probably tastes like garbage.” 

So they aim to convince — they’re really good at it. And it’s not just the jerky: It stands strong on its own. It’s their tack.

They take that knee-jerk skepticism and boom — flip it. Suddenly, they’ve got scads of fans (just look at their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter testimonials!). 

It takes a special kind of business to know its obstacles and take a massive leap over them.

The more fans Moku has, the more sustainable mushroom jerky they sell. And the more folks eat sustainably, the better off the planet is. (Seeing a positive cycle for once is refreshing, eh?)

We really respect that insight — and their willingness to deal with stubbornness head-on.

See? Skepticism about mushroom jerky defeated.

Our Favorite Moku Products

Mmm … where to begin … all Moku jerky flavors are tender, meaty (yes, meaty), delectable and unmistakable. And all their ingredients are authentic goodness.

But if you’re getting the full mushroom jerky experience for the first time, it’s nice to start with the basics. 

That said, we love their original flavor. You can’t go wrong with garlic, onion and black pepper.

Of course, you might crave something a little saucier. In that case, go for their sweet and spicy or Hawaiian teriyaki variety (or both). 

That sweetness you’ll taste? It’s from pure maple syrup instead of processed sugar. And you get fiber, protein and vitamins, too — yes, healthiness and flavor. 

Shop Moku Foods

Skeptical? Try it for yourself! You’ll get dibs on bragging rights when you break out a bag.

Find Moku jerkies in our Jerky Marketplace. There’s plenty of room in the Jerky Universe. Why not go exploring?

Featured image via Moku Foods

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