What We Love About Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

What We Love About Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

We cherish each star in this Jerky Universe. But some shine really brightly — and one of those is Pan’s Mushroom Jerky.

Company Overview

“Jerky’s made of beef,” you say? Oh, that’s not necessarily the case at all

It doesn’t even have to be made of meat!

Michael Pan traveled to Malaysia to visit his family, who happen to be vegetarian Buddhists. When they served him time-honored meat-free shiitake mushroom dishes, he knew he was onto something delightful.

Pan brought that delight to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. After a bit of experimenting and a ton of love, Pan debuted Pan’s Mushroom Jerky. 

What a debut it was! Seriously — they’re pretty famous.

And that’s for good reason. Pan’s makes mouthwatering, gorgeously chewy jerkies with that earthy flavor only mushrooms offer: aka umami. 

In other words, your brain might expect beef jerky, but your mouth gets a healthy, exquisite shiitake jerky. 

Plus, with their perfect chew, Pan’s Mushroom Jerky flavors are super versatile. You can use them for meat-free Monday standbys or make them your new go-to snack.

It’s your choice. But either way, you’re hooked — and your body thanks you.

Why We Love Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

We love all our friends in the Jerky Universe. After all, we share a singular passion for an ancient and beloved snack.

So naturally, we love Pan’s Mushroom Jerky for its special approach to jerky-making — innovation is inspiring (and incredibly delicious). 

But Pan’s also shines for its Office of Minority & Women's Business Enterprises (OMWBE) certification. 

That OMWBE certification doesn’t come easily. By proudly representing minority groups in Washington State, Pan’s both breaks barriers and creates fresh opportunities.

Delicious vegan jerky and national representation? That’s a winning combo if we’ve ever seen one — and we’ve seen plenty.

Bringing worldwide jerky techniques and recipes to the Jerky Universe is always welcome. The universe is constantly expanding, you know (it’s science).

Get your tickets and stash your snacks!

Our Favorite Pan’s Mushroom Jerky Products

Well, we might get a bit befuddled here. 

You’ve got four great flavors to choose from — why not try them all? You could even add one to a main course or curate a charcuterie board!

But when hard-pressed, we’ll go with the zesty Thai. Its citrusy kick and chia seed crust make it positively binge-worthy.

Now, if you want to try shiitake jerky in its purest, finest form, opt for the Pan’s Mushroom Jerky original variety. You’ll get the eye-opening umami taste and meaty mushroom jerky texture. 

Actually, we want the applewood BBQ and salt-and-pepper types, too. 

Eh … maybe you should go for the variety pack. If you’re curious, watch the mushroom magic unfold on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Shop Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

A nationally famous shiitake jerky that’s wildly popular? You’d better believe it.

If you live outside the Pacific Northwest, you might have trouble finding Pan’s at your local store. Luckily, you can grab Pan’s Mushroom Jerky in our Jerky Marketplace.

Carnivore, omnivore or herbivore, we’ve got you covered.

Featured image via Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

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