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Traveling With Beef Jerky: What You Need to Know

Hey beef jerky lover, are you wondering whether your favorite snack travels well? Whether you want to take your favorite jerky as a travel snack or purchase exotic jerky abroad and bring it home, the answer is yes … with a few caveats.

Essentially, it’ll depend on where you’re headed and your means of transportation. Here’s what you need to know about traveling with beef jerky so that you can enjoy it wherever your next adventure takes you.

Why Would I Have a Problem Traveling With Beef Jerky?

To understand why some travel rules exist, it's important to know what beef jerky actually is. You undoubtedly know this, but it’s essentially just dried and seasoned meat. Making beef jerky involves removing water from the meat so that bacteria can't grow.

It's a popular snack in part because you don’t have to refrigerate it, which makes it great for travel. But beef jerky is still technically meat. And that means there are some restrictions on where you can take it and how you can transport it.

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Can You Bring Beef Jerky Through Airport Security?

The first thing to consider when traveling with beef jerky is how you're going to get it through airport security. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has specific guidelines for what types of food you can keep in carry-on and checked luggage.

Fortunately for beef jerky lovers, you can take it in both carry-on and checked luggage. But you should keep a few factors in mind. 

First, the TSA limits the amount of liquid, gel and aerosols you can bring on a plane. This includes ingredients like sauces and marinades that may accompany beef jerky.

Next, if your beef jerky is prepackaged and doesn’t have any liquids or gels, then you shouldn't have any trouble getting it through airport security.

Can You Take Beef Jerky on a Plane?

Yep, you can take beef jerky on a plane. The TSA has no problem with you packing your favorite protein-packed snack. If your flight is domestic, then you can take beef jerky in either your carry-on or checked luggage.

Can I Take Beef Jerky on an International Flight?

If you're traveling internationally, then you'll need to check with the airline to see if it has any restrictions. Some airlines don't allow certain types of food on their planes. However, most airlines will allow beef jerky as long as it's packaged and doesn't contain any liquids or gels.

You’ll also need to check the restrictions for the country you’re traveling to. Some countries have bans on certain types of meat. Others may have quarantine regulations that require you to declare any food items you bring into the country.

If you’re traveling to a country with strict food import regulations, then you may want to check with its embassy before bringing beef jerky. It’s better to be safe than sorry (and wasting beef jerky is a shame).

Country-Specific Regulations

Well, we’ve got your questions covered in terms of international travel. Here are a few guidelines on country-specific regulations for those of you traveling to certain destinations. And luckily, you can buy beef jerky practically anywhere.


Can I Bring Beef Jerky From the U.S. to the U.K.?

While the U.K. allows the importation of meat from European Union (EU) countries, you can’t bring meat from the U.S. or other countries outside the EU. So if you’re asking yourself, “Can I bring beef jerky into the U.K.?” the answer lies in where your flight originates.

Can I Take Beef Jerky to Europe?

Each European country has its own food import regulations. You’ll need to check with the embassy of the country you’re traveling to see whether it has any restrictions on beef jerky.

Can You Bring Beef Jerky Into Switzerland?

Switzerland has strict regulations about products containing meat. You should check with the Swiss Embassy to see what the definitions are and whether they apply to beef jerky.

Can I Take Beef Jerky to Germany?

You can indeed take beef jerky to Germany. Nonetheless, always read the latest regulations before packing your beloved bag of beef jerky.

Can You Bring Beef Jerky to Iceland?

Unfortunately, you can’t bring beef jerky to Iceland. Beef jerky doesn’t quite fit Iceland’s meat importation requirements unless it’s fully cooked (in this case, boiled).

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Can You Take Beef Jerky to Japan?

Nope. Japan doesn’t allow you to bring in any kind of meat — including beef jerky.

Can You Bring Beef Jerky Into Hong Kong?

Yes! You can take beef jerky to Hong Kong. Just make sure the jerky’s fully cooked to meet its regulations.

Can I Bring Beef Jerky to Taiwan?

No, you can’t bring meat of any kind (including beef jerky) to Taiwan.

Can You Bring Beef Jerky Into Korea?

Korea has strict regulations on importing meat. You’ll need to check with its embassy before packing any beef jerky. That way, you can find out its specifications and declare the foods you’re carrying upon arrival.

Spanish-Speaking Countries

Can I Bring Beef Jerky to Cuba?

No, you can’t. Cuba has a ban on all beef products, so you can’t bring beef jerky into the country. 

Can I Take Beef Jerky to Mexico?

Mexico doesn’t allow the importation of meat. However, some folks report success in bringing beef jerky — it usually depends on the packaging and mode of transportation. We advise thoroughly checking the specifics before you head to Mexico with beef jerky.

Can You Bring Beef Jerky Into Argentina?

You can take beef jerky into Argentina. Well, you can if it’s properly packaged (you might check with its embassy to discover exactly what that means) and remains closed.

Fun fact: Archaeologists believe beef jerky originated in South America.

North America

Can You Bring Beef Jerky Into Canada?

Canada doesn’t let you bring fresh, dried or cured meats into the country. So no, you can’t bring beef jerky to Canada. But the country has some specifications that jerky might fall under, so always check first.

Can You Bring Beef Jerky to the U.S.?

If you’re traveling to the U.S. from another country, you can bring beef jerky as long as it’s commercially packaged and cooked. So can you bring beef jerky into the U.S.? Yep — especially if the beef jerky’s from an American brand.

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Planes and Beef Jerky

As you can see, there are a ton of guidelines when it comes to taking beef jerky on a plane. The best thing to do is to check with your airline and the country you’re traveling to before packing any food (especially meats, dried or not). A little research goes a long way.

Now that you know all about traveling with beef jerky, it's time to get packing! 

Whether you're bringing beef jerky on a plane or packing it for a road trip, it’s the perfect travel snack. 

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